TRIFLURALIN- Warning About The Use In Aquaculture

Currently, the use of Trifluralin- active substances on the list of plant protection agents (herbicides) and are in many components of drug products used in aquaculture to kill fungi, for Parasites and protozoa are very complex evolution. This herbicides, in large doses, can cause cancer in human. In early 2010, Vietnam banned its use in aquaculture, but it is unclear how well that order is being enforced, and residues can remain in the soil for many years. In November 2010, after finding three batches of Vietnamese shrimp that contained trifluralin, Japanese authorities began inspecting 100% of shrimp imports. According to Japan regulation, maximum residue limits (MRLs) of trifluralin are set at 0.001ppm for shrimp and fish.. In Japan, for meat and some vegetables, the trifluralin values are established at 0.05ppm. Apart from Japan, trifluralin contamination is monitored in other developed countries/areas ed. EU, USA and Canada. Bio Synergy Laboratories, with the technical team and high resolution instrument, have the capability to test for Trifluralin at 0.001ppm in shrimp and other aquatic animals. For more information, kindly contact the Bio Synergy Laboratories.

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