Illegal Dye In Food - Rhodamine B

Rhodamine B is a cancer causing colouring agent that produces a pinkish hue. When applied to shrimp paste(belacan), the coloring agent causes the paste to appear reddish, thus giving it a superficial fresh look. The agent is not meant as a coloring agent food and is only for dyeing plastic wares and textiles.

Under the Food Regulation 1985, Rhodamine B is not allowed for use in food. It was also not allowed in food under Food & Drug Ordinance of 1952. This means that this dye was banned for use in food for more than 50 years. Manufacturers who failed to adhere to the directive would face stern action. Non-compliance could result in a fine of up to RM100,000 or 10 years' jail or both.

Bio Synergy Laboratories, with the expertises and advance instruments, is capable to provide the analysis for Rhodamine B. This will assist manufacturers to ensure their products are complying the regulation. Besides Rhodamine B, we are also able to provide the test for others illegal dyes which include Sudan I, II, III, IV, Para Red & Orange II.

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